Why the Breath?

The breath is always with us. It is a constant throughout life, waking, dreaming… it is always there.

Can it be key to life?… My experience so far is that it can be.
I invite you to get curious about your breath… How are you breathing right now?

A fun game you can always play.

In my experience so far I have found that – left to its own devices – the breath is like a thermometer; indicating to us how we are feeling about our environment, internally or externally.

With practices of self-awareness, we can start to listen to this thermometer or our emotions and mindscape… The next step is to upgrade our relation to the breath as a technology. Upgrading it as a thermostat, where we can observe how we are breathing in our environment and then choose the setting we need, growing from reaction to response.

With this technology, we can transform our states from reactivity to one of choice and appropriate response… Sounds great… how does this work?

It works on many levels, one thread is:

Sinus Arrhythmia… “you what mate?”

As we inhale our heart speeds up. As we exhale our heart slows down. The heart is equipped with its own neurons, receiving and sending information, giving off a measurable electromagnetic field, larger than that of the cranial brain. Check out Heartmath’s research on this. https://www.heartmath.org.

Imagine the heart as an integral part of the nervous system-one of our main lenses of perception.

What if you can sense what the heart feels?

One of the physical connections of the breath to the heart. It is via a weave of fascia the Pericardium running down from the heart to the diaphragm.

Feel.. What happens when you shape your breath to be longer and smoother?

Heart Rate Variability is one of the key metrics to health. A key in our nervous systems ability to tune up, engage and adapt. Or tune down, rest and restore.

Inhale we move forward, we choose an action, we receive the air from our environment delivering to us the oxygen for the mitochondria the powerhouses of the cells to change to energy ATP to create our thoughts and e-motions into motion.

Exhale we express sound or communication. Creating in our environment as we give air back. Through the muscular drawing in we can find strength in our foundations to lift, push or exert. Or we can soften and relax into the consequences of our inhale.

What happens when you become aware of the breath in relation to patterns of behaviours?

We can start to unwind the unconscious acting out of behaviour and adaptations that no longer suite the environment.

Learn to use the breath as technology, enabling you to rest, recharge or refocus in the moment.

I invite you to get really curious with your breath…. an endless game you can play all the time every day. Wonder how can you use this technology.

Imagine. View the Mind, Body & Breath like a computer. What would it be like to uninstall some of the old software you are running. Then choose to download some new software. Then be able to steadily update your software, tune up your hardware, upload a new vision and run the software you choose smoothly.

I believe the breath is capable of creating this as a reality for you.

What do you find?

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