Breath Keys

The Breath is a key:

⚡Inhale your heart speeds up

⚡Exhale your heart slows down.

⚡Observe how you are in relation to your environment, internally & externally 

⚡Gently amplify the breath to feel fully.

⚡Or choose to respond and change your state.

⚡Do you need to Refocus or Recharge or Rest?


⚡Alternate Nostril breathing. Up the left down the right. Up the right down the left. 

⚡Experiment with the quality of the breath. Notice if it is rushed or juddery, be curious and kind. Then explore how soft it can be.

⚡You can use different ratios and retentions to enter different neural states as you become more familiar with practice.

⚡Done once or twice a day you can create a more balanced and focused mind. I use it before meditation and perscriptivley during the day if I am stressed or need to focus.


⚡1:2Ratio inhale 3 exhale softly with a sigh for 6. Experiment.. how long and soft can you make the breath. You also can use this in any yoga posture you are trying to make flexibility gains in. 

⚡Two part recovery breath.. Inhale deep & low into abdomen, hold 2. Inhale high & wide in ribs. Hold 2. Exhale with a soft sigh.


⚡4 rounds of : 4sharp inhales, soft exhales. 1 long inhale, soft exhale, really tuning into the feet and back of the body.

(You can also slow this right down to sleep, use it in the moment to focus or use as your own home brew cuppa coffee)

(Intro videos to alternate nostril breathing & 1:2 ratio are on Instagram @jezmindbodybreath)

~You always have the breath available~

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