I work with individuals and groups through synthesis of exploring together the Breath, modern anatomy, psychology & the time tested methods of Yoga. Inviting the drawing forth of your experience from our co-created relationship.

This can be as a role of Teacher guiding exploration of direct methods of inquiry.  Or as a Facilitator holding space, for the forming, focus and emergence of a group. And as a Mentor working with individuals, as a guide alongside them on their journey.

By developing awareness, capacity and quality of Breath. It can be a key thread, flowing through everything we do, supporting the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social health. It is the same Body, Breath and Nervous System we use to sense these intersecting areas of life.

The Breath is always here in the present, supporting us to navigate the now which is always different. Cultivating a relationship with the Breath, invites for you to listen deeper as a guide, receptively, and actively craft it as resource, wether to forging resilience to stress or cultivating rest.

Breathwork Mentoring

In these sessions we explore through open dialogue, being curious together, to what it is you are wishing to focus on, whilst trusting the aliveness of the conversation and exploring what appears for you, and between us. Cultivating together a robust, trust and compassion in our companionship, for both support and challenge on your journey.

We might work with the body, images, objects, dreams, memories, or our relational awareness in the moment.

We then take the threads that have lifted up between us into Conscious Connected Breathing and Breath-Holds, a process that uses the Breath and intentional holds, to release held patterns, armouring, in the myofasical web and nervous system made in reaction to our physical, mental, emotional or social environment. These can also create altered states, which can be soothingly gentle, balancing, or enlivening and with Psychedelic potential. We work together, to be with what appears for you, inviting curiosity through steadily integrating our work.

The journey we take together is a process of integrating the past, developing response-ability to support your choice-fullness in the present. Both deepening your, being with what is, and consciously shaping through relationship the future. 

My client work is supervised by an elder in the field, with over 40 years experience. The work is also informed both my training in mentoring and in Integrative Transpersonal Counselling… and this is not counselling.

One to One Mentoring sessions:

These are either open ended or a series of 12 sessions

We can work together in integrated way which meets you where you are at, and supports your unique journey.

  • Increase awareness & capacity of the breath.
  • Integrate the profound experiences of Conscious Connected Breathwork,
  • Working together relationally, with open dialogue to cultivate wholeness.
  • Inviting somatic explorations, parts work, images and dreams into our work.
  • Release held patterns of adaptations & reaction held in the body.
  • Working through trauma. Through both resourcing and approaching your process with titration and pendulation.
  • Re-pattern your nervous system. Increasing your windows of tolerance.
  • Use the breath to create flow & energy to support the body’s natural healing processes.
  • Integrated Breath tools into life to: Rest, Refocus or Recharge.
  • Develop movement and meditation practices to support your growth.
  • Exploring relationally together, to find your way in creating balance in your life, deepen acceptance & cultivate purpose.

Conscious Connected Breathing Workshops

Conscious Connected Breathing in community is a powerful experience. These are designed for exploration of themes & focuses:

  • Ideas, group dynamics & creative process.
  • Personal development, healing & empowerment.
  • Exploration of altered states.

What if, the Breath is a technology you can explore? Through  Breathwork –  Inhale the heart speeds up. Exhale the heart slows down…What might this mean for you? A continuous questioning to live in to… there are many ways to listen to and through the Body-Mind, with the technology of the Breath. 

Workshops will consist of an opening circle for us to co-create a safe space for our experiences. We will then explore an introduction to the Breath as technology, which can support you to sense, create and navigate your states of experience. 

You will be resourced to regulate and calm your Body-Mind with your Breath, supporting your awareness of the nervous system of the Body and your inner atmosphere of Mind. We will then take a rhythmic journey with Conscious Connected Breathing, exploring Breath-holds and pendulating into plateaus of calm on our climb. Then descending down into a state of rest and the beginning of integration.

The states experienced in Breathwork are created by you.. they might be soothingly gentle and balancing to enlivening, ecstatic and a myriad of in-between… they can have Psychedelic potential, wether subtle glimmers of relational revelations or full multi sensory meandering of ineffable meaning…  or not… in which case there’s a profound cascade of health benefits to embrace!

You will be invited to enthuse care and curiosity, listening through out your journey… both welcoming the mystery(ing) and cultivating your connection with your Breath as you journey through inner terrain and atmospheres. Body and Mind.