I work with the a synthesis of the breath, modern anatomy, psychology & the time tested methods of Yoga.

This can be as a role of teacher guiding exploration of direct methods of inquiry.  Or as a facilitator holding space for the focus and emergence of the individual or group.

Developing awareness, capacity and quality of breath is one of the keys to the physical, mental, emotional and social health.

The breath is an ever present guide for you to listen deeper to and resource to forge resilience to stress or to cultivate rest.

Breathwork Coaching

Conscious Connected Breathing is a process that uses the Breath to release held patterns in the myofasical web and nervous system made in reaction to our physical, mental, emotional or social environment. 

The process I support you in, is a journey of integration of the past, developing the ability to focus fully in the present and consciously shape the future. 

One to One Coaching program of twelve sessions:

  • Increase awareness & capacity of the breath.
  • Integrate the profound experiences of Conscious Connected Breathwork,
  • Increase vitality & ability to engage.
  • Release held patterns of adaptations & reaction held in the body.
  • Re-pattern the nervous system.
  • Use the breath to create flow & energy to support the body’s natural healing processes.
  • Integrated Breath tools into life to: Rest, Refocus or Recharge.
  • Learn how to breathe to create Flow State.
  • Develop movement and meditation practices to support your growth.
  • Coaching to create balance in your life, deepen acceptance & cultivate purpose.

CCB workshops

Conscious Connected Breathing in community is a powerful experience. These are designed for exploration of themes & focuses:

  • Ideas, group dynamics & creative process.
  • Personal development, healing & empowerment.