Icey fires,

Winds shifting,

Watching, frozen or dancing


Weather viens 

Which atmosphere?

Ancient fossil skins, adorned

Honoured. Benevolence tangled 


Tender tectonics meld, through 

Molten marrow, churned

Fierce erruiptions o

Piercing skies


Subterranean skins 

Mushroom. Clouds 

Creativity spurned 

Weather proofed, within 

Destructive thriving 

Tending tender shoots

Down through, our 

Heart knows no armour

Bodies do, braced 

Embracing chaos, Opening

Mangling or holding, unraveling,

The past is present, Love

Presence for 

Descents descending 

Love, love mycelialy 

Trust Waring?

With Puzzle Peace