Parallels in Nature

As above.. So below

I enjoy seeing patters… Successful patterns, often repeat themselves in nature.

Soil health – Human Microbiome – What pattern do you see

Soil health is a key for the health of plants. As a living mulch of bacteria making minerals available for plants. Making them healthier, more nutritious and tasty. The organic matter which cycles back into the ground acts as food for the bacteria. Who then make the minerals available for the plants. through a process called chillation.A plant with the full range of minerals avalibe is able to produce lipids to coat and protect its leaves. Creating its own microbiome to protect from disease and insects. These healthy plants very thoughtfully stores extra carbohydrates and nutrients back in the soil around it…  thus helping the bacteria… who break down organic matter and make the minerals available … It’s almost like they have been refining this symbiosis for millions of years.

Let’s parallel this to the human experience. 

Current science is currently affirming what traditional medicine system of China & India have said for millennia. The gut and its microbiome is a key to health.

 A healthy microbiome can be looked at like farming. With a good diet with plenty of soluble and insoluble fibre to provide pre-biotics for the eco system of bacteria that then live in our gut. Feeding these families of bacteria healthy foods and even adding to the ecotsystem with probiotics. Can we look microbiome like soil? We the “plant” (mammal) which grows encasing it. The mix of enzymes and gut flora breaking down the food, matter in-formation to be assimilated into our bodies or eliminated.

It is estimated the gut produces 70% 90% of our neurotransmitters. These are physcial fingerprints of how we feel in relation to our internal and external environments. A two way relation. These make up the cocktail of hormones and peptides that flow round our blood as part of e-motions. The enteric nervous system of gut estimated to have 100million neurons. How important can it be to create a healthy gut with clear channels of communication to the rest of the body.

A key of health of any is system the flow of communication within it. Be it pond, traffic flow, a family, a financial system or body.

In my own experience removing refined sugar from diet has been a major key in cultivating gut health. Removing this devlishy tasty rocket fuel, has created noticeable benefits of increased energy, motivation and focus, I have found it possible to feed the right microbes the right food. Settling cravings, then steadily buliding healthy habits instead of chasing the rocket launch high and crash of refined sugar.

Bug – an old clerical word for ghost (Thank you Paul Chek)… What bugs in your belly are driving your choices.. how can you develop a healthy relation these micro-beings?

Eating within an 8 hour window has been major key that has helped my journey, has been. Giving the digestive system a chance to reset for the other 16 hours. This also benefits other systems in the body by freeing up energy and resources for either their use or restoration. I have found it also helps cultivate discipline, a transferable skill when wielded kindly and wisely. Dr Rohnda Patrick is bringing to light some solid science on this

Lets weave this back to the pattern with soil health, getting organic matter in the ground is essential for growing healthy soil. With a diverse range of nutrients whilst eliminating (or reducing as much as possible) the input of refined chemicals. I believe we can view our gut with the same lense of care. 

What can you experience when you have clear channels of with the nerves in your gut…

What if you were able to do full body thinking!.. Learning to trust your guts!

I have immense gratitude for practices within Yoga which allow you to distinguish  sensory stream up from the enteric nervous system

Practices such as:

Agni Sara Kryia. 

Uddynanda bnahda,

Maha. Bandha.

I will joyfully rabbit hole about these practices in another post.. better yet there is the route of knowing through direct experience!

Imagine creating a healthy gut which can communicate clearly to the heart and mind.

Stay tuned, drop me a message or better yet come join a class to learn more.

Below are the link to some studies further exploring the benefits of healthy gut! of gut neruotransmitter modulation on physiology. between gut microbiome & mood. Gut-Brain Axis: The missing link in depression.

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