Welcome. I am Jez Grattan-Kane.

Based in Bristol UK, I teach movement and breath in relation to physical and mental wholeness. This is through a synthesis of Yoga, Breathwork and studying Integrative Transpersonal Psychology. My motivation for this work is fueled by a love of ecology and curiosity to the embodied and relational nature of human experience.

Through my own journey of healing, wholing and recovery from addiction, I have developed a fascination with the interplay between Mind, Body and Breath.

At the heart of my craft is the tending to, relationships of care, curiosity and reciprocity, with-in and between, the human and more than human world. Working with both individuals and groups to explore and raise our awareness.. Supporting our integrating of the past, by both, being with, what might be difficult… and cultivating well being, in the present. Together, deepening our response-ability to consciously co-creating a future.

Teachers and Mentors

I am currently Mentoring with an Animas Valley Guide

My 121 client work is supervised by an elder in the field

Yoga Teachers:

Christopher Gladwell
Sarah Harlow

Breathwork Mentors:

Viola Edwards
Kayana International Breathwork Mentoring
200hr Breathwork Coach Training

Benedict Beaumont
Breathing space
Breathwork Facilitator Training


Integrative Transpersonal Counselling – 2 1/2 years of training. I am not a counsellor.

70hr Applied Anatomy

Bristol School of Yoga
300hr Yoga Teacher Training Diploma – Laura Gilmore, Melaine Cooper and Adelene Cheong

Biodynamic Breathwork Trauma Release System Somatic Skills & Practices for Online Sessions

Shiva Shakti
200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Dr Chetnath Adhikari Reiki Attunement Level I & II

Swami Sachidanand Kryias

Shift Bristol Practical Sustainability Course

Hasera Agriculture Research & Training Centre Permaculture Design Certificate

Life, dreams, friends, kin and land are ongoing teachers for me too.


Jez is a real, modern yogi: an inquirer, practitioner, someone wholeheartedly committed to raising his vibration. When he shares his practice, you can be sure it is honest, deep and, above all, kind. 

Fiona Sundari Law, Viveka Gardens Yoga Farm

Jez held an amazing space for us to dive into the journey with breath. His presence was calming and reassuring. The space itself was beautiful. I thoroughly recommend working with Jez and feel excited to have come into contact with what he offers

Jodie, Bristol

I found the session a welcoming and unpretentious introduction to meditation. Jez introduced some thought provoking ideas and practices that were easy to understand and try out. I enjoyed it a lot.

Ben Tuckwell, Torchbox

Jez creates a safe, welcoming, and supportive space for participants to explore breathwork and altered states. He is described as a caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable guide who skillfully holds the space and facilitates transformative experiences. Participants consistently report feeling deeply nourished, released, and inspired after his sessions. Many note the profound and healing nature of the breathwork journeys under Jez’s facilitation. Attendees appreciate Jez’s playful, yet grounded approach, as well as his ability to balance scientific understanding with more spiritual aspects. Overall, Jez is praised for his expertise, authenticity, and the value he provides through his breathwork offerings.

Summary of 60 reviews, Psychedelic Society

Fantastic simple and profound teachings in a deeply relaxing and nourishing atmosphere.

Abigail, Bristol

It was a beautiful breathwork journey in a gorgeous venue held in a safe, supportive and playful way. It felt entirely authentic, well-informed and comfortable. Great as an introduction as well as a place to release all that needs to be released as a more experienced breather!

Flora, Bristol

I had a wonderful journey in the breathwork session led by Jez. Over the last 6 months or so, I have been very active in trying different breathwork with different teachers, but I always struggle to ‘drop into’ the experience. I was very pleasantly surprised to find myself much deeper in the experience with Jez facilitating. I think it might be thanks to Jez’s pre-breathwork activities that not only created a very safe space but also put me in the ‘here and now’, no mind chatter to speak of. I am extremely grateful Jez for creating such a space and for such great instruction on the breathwork.

Lina J, Bristol

Excellent. All round I’d give this 5/5 stars. I’ve experienced quite a variety of breathwork sessions in the last few years and this was one of the best, a great introduction, safely held, well informed practitioners, good balance of supporting people to reach their edge without being pushy, plenty of time for integration and even free chocolate and fruit shared at the end. I’m booked for the next one already.

Chris Hardy, Bristol

I have known Jez for over 15 years and I know him to be extremely kind, creative and deep thinking. Jez has committed countless thousands of hours to mastering his art, whilst remaining humble, open minded and curious. Jez’s wealth of life experience that few can match gives him a wisdom and balance that pervade his practices and teachings. Above all, he is a a great friend and inspiration.

Tom Fleming, Oxford

“I have gained so much for my continued journey with Jez and breathwork. Each session is so very different and works through different layers of myself. I have tried a lot of different approaches to support myself into health over the years but none of them have met me in the same way that this practice continues to offer. I think this healing is a combination of Jez’s ability to meet me with care and reflection, the safe space he creates and the depth of his own personal journey using Breath. Jez has also introduced various Breath practices to take into daily life to support me day to day to move into more alignment with my whole self.”

Clara, Bristol

I have always known Jez to be a calm and compassionate presence, who has helped me gain insight and clarity into any problem I have put before him.

Daisy, Bristol

I always leave Jez’s Breathwork sessions feeling much better than when I arrived. This is partly due to the practice itself, but equally a product of Jez’s professional, accepting attitude. As a coach, Jez makes makes me feel safe in my vulnerability, instinctively knowing when to push me and when to back off. He is very knowledgeable and provides great aftercare, taking the time to explain complex ideas in a way I can understand. I would (and have) recommend Jez as a Breathwork Coach to anyone who is curious about the practice.

Pete, Bristol