Upcoming Retreats & Workshops

Panel Talk at LoveJam Campout 7th-10th September

Saturday 23rd September @ The Wild Box

Yoga Classes at Bristol University

Monday : 16:00 – 17:00

Wednesday: 11:55- 12:55

Breath Flow Yoga @ Space 238

Tuesday 17:00 – 18:00

Available on MoveGB
Cash £10 (Concessions available)

Breathwork Coaching

Free 20min consultation

A programme of 12: 90min Conscious Connected Breathwork sessions with coaching to support integration of your experiences in Breathwork and to support your growth & change. (The first session is 2 hours)

Investment £40, £50 or £60 per session (Sliding scale to your level of income)


Email Jez.g-k@hotmail.co.uk


“I have gained so much for my continued journey with Jez and breathwork. Each session is so very different and works through different layers of myself. I have tried a lot of different approaches to support myself into health over the years but none of them have met me in the same way that this practice continues to offer.

I think this healing is a combination of Jez’s ability to meet me with care and reflection, the safe space he creates and the depth of his own personal journey using Breath.

Jez has also introduced various Breath practices to take into daily life to support me day to day to move into more alignment with my whole self.”

Clara – Bristol